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The MQ909 is our new and just released best of industry razor. We wanted to create a leading design with quality and function beyond anything else in the market. The razor is designed by us in Finland, it is made from Swedish specialty steel and the blades are sharpened and finished in Germany. This is truly an amazing razor – by trying it, you will know how great it is.

MQ Razor 808


The innovative and unique blade design with extra spacing assures the best shaving experience yet and the cleaning is guaranteed to be easier than ever. The optimized profile improves skin flow to cartridge balance while the individual suspension of each blade ensures correct flex when shaving and significantly reduces irritation.


The MQ909 is made with the latest razor edge grinding StaySharp Technology to produce the sharpest, most durable blades in the world. This means that the blades stay sharper for longer and slice hair more efficiently, resulting in a smooth, effortless shave.

A unique and patented easy to rinse design

Unique and patented easy to rinse design with extra spacing between every second blade. Super smooth and super easy to clean.

Gothic Arc

Gothic arch blade grinding technology – the premier blade grinding technology providing the best, sharpest and longest life blades possible. Only A-grade products feature this technology.

The guard rubber for smooth shaving

The rubber on the guard bar is there to provide a stop effect to tighten the skin for smooth shave, to avoid cuts as well as to lift the hair.

The guard on the razor consists of a special sticky rubber compound to achieve this effectively also when combined with shaving lather.

Handles to fit every style

Handles of a variety of designs for men and women. Beautiful, ergonomic and easy to hold. Optimized length and weight and excellent grip make sure that the handling is as easy as it gets.

Select one of our existing designs in any colour of your choice or let’s make a design of your own.


The variety of styles and colours with modern, fresh and cool Nordic designs means that your razor makes a statement while it also fits your style and environment. Made with European components and Swedish specialty steel of the highest quality, blade grinding in Europe and final component assembly on our dedicated production line in China.



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