Copenhagen Men

MQ Copenhagen is a premium razor collection echoing a Nordic desire for beauty, cleanliness, simplicity and functionality. 

  •   Premium quality razor cartridges with blades made of specialty razor steel. 
  •   Lubrication strip containing aloe vera and vitamin E.
  •   Protective cover- Each cartridge is set in a protective cover which can be attached to each other to form a convenient tray.
  •   The metal handle has an ideal weight ratio, balancing perfectly in the users hand. 
  •   The design makes for a pure shaving experience which the user will want to come back to time and again.
  •   Available in three colours: matte black, matte tungsten, and chrome. Other colours are available on special order. 
  •   Premium quality logo printing on the handle is available. 
  •   Product weight: 67 g. 


The MQ Copenhagen razor handle stand

The MQ Copenhagen razor handle stand weighs 97.5 g, with a metal outer shell, a centre of scratch-proof ABS plastic and a non-slip TPE rubber base.

MQ Travel pouch

The MQ Travel pouch has a soft and smooth texture, is comfortable to touch and grip.  It is made of high-quality silicone, is stain-resistant, safe, durable and is light and small and easy to carry, store and protect. The travel pouch fits all handles. Weight 54 g.