The MQ Bamboo razor system is an eco-friendly range and a fusion between far eastern and Nordic design. Its uniqueness lies in its magnetic connector between handle and cartridge.

  • Premium quality razor cartridges with blades made of specialty razor steel.
  • Lubrication strip containing aloe vera and vitamin E.
  • Protective cover- Each cartridge is set in a protective cover which can be attached to each other to form a convenient tray.
  • Eco-conscious high-quality bamboo handle
  • Magnetic razor cartridge connector- The distinctive feature of this razor lies in its magnetic razor cartridge connector joining the handle and cartridge. This not only ensures effortless assembly and disassembly but also guarantees a secure and precise fit.
  • The handle fits the premium MQ 6 blade, 5 blade with back trimmer and MQ 3 blade razor cartridges.
  • The women’s options come with the premium MQ 5 blade XL lube cartridge or the 6 blade razor cartridge in white.
  • Logo printing is available.